Serving Differently, Serving Above

We believe deep involvement makes us different.

Our Mission

Legacy’s mission is simple: “To provide advanced parking solutions for sophisticated real state owners, while maximizing the value of each asset through innovative operating strategies and superior customer service”

Our Objectives

Legacy Parking takes great pride in working directly with our clients and understanding their key performance indicators and expectations. We then create a tailored approach that is specifically targeted to meeting these operating objectives and exceeding customer expectations in all areas. Through our experience, we understand that successful parking services are founded on a set of core principles.

Our Philosophy

Legacy Parking maintains a unique operating philosophy and business approach, where unlike our competitors who are striving to be the largest, we focus on providing the best product in the industry. By concentrating on specific, strategic projects where we feel we have a competitive advantage, Legacy Parking strives to provide the highest returns and customer satisfaction to our clientele. This is achieved in large part through ownership’s direct involvement in the oversight of each parking facility Legacy Parking manages.

Our Approach

Legacy Parking Company is a privately owned and operated Parking Management firm, specializing in a full range of parking and transportation management services. We do not look at parking only from a management perspective, we dive deep to understand how to best maximize your asset. We strive to bring a superior parking experience to every parking facility we touch and we deliver through our advanced solutions, innovative thinking and above all, premium service. We are committed to each project and with each engagement, we bring our unique approach.

Innovative, Strategic Thinking

We are taking parking further.

Specializing in commercial, residential, and mixed-use, our capabilities include parking facility management, logistics and consulting, and event parking. No matter how big or small the project, we believe in delivering services and solutions that exceed industry standards and raise the level of expectations.

Our Team

Each of our members bring unique experience and perspectives to the company. By combining the fundamentals and best practices of the parking industry with innovative thinking, and you get a whole new perspective on parking.

We don’t see ourselves as a parking management company. We see ourselves as a value add for your business. Our goal: To serve all your parking needs so well that we help maximize your asset.

Executive Team

Joe Wenderoth


Nick Wenderoth

President & CEO

Michael Beadle

Chief Operating Officer

Frank McGarvey

SVP, Parking Operations

Glenn Kurtz

SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Eric Williams

SVP, Business Development

Gustavo Rodriguez


Sally Samara

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Francine Fink

Director of Learning & Development

Regional Leaders

Ivan Cruz

General Manager - Miami, FL

Justin Dahlgren

General Manager - Atlanta, GA

Ryan Madsen

General Manager - Chicago, IL

Mark Tagami

General Manager - Orlando, FL

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