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With our innovative and customized parking management plans, we help our clients increase revenue, reduce expenses, and improve the overall experience of their tenants and visitors. We understand the unique needs of asset managers and owners, and we work closely with each client to create a solution that's tailored to their specific goals and requirements.

Parking Management

At Legacy Parking, we redefine parking management with personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive services include staffing, remote support, revenue control, maintenance, customer service, and technology integration.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we optimize operations, increase revenue, and enhance the overall experience for our customers.

Remote Management Center

Legacy Parking provides centralized support around the clock. With cutting-edge customer relationship management, we ensure real-time assistance for your patrons. Our platform connects customers with trained agents remotely, enhancing service while maintaining revenue integrity.

Get 24/7 customer support, efficient communication, and streamlined operations.

Facility Maintenance

Maintaining a commercial facility is challenging. Legacy Parking offers a range of facility maintenance services to keep your property accessible, clean, and well-maintained.

From cleaning and painting to repairs and seasonal services, our processes deliver customized solutions to sophisticated owners and managers with ease.

Revenue Management & Maximization

At Legacy Parking, our revenue management strategies encompass thorough audits and streamlined processes. We ensure accurate collection, recording, and accounting of revenue through regular audits and robust controls. By implementing effective procedures, we mitigate the risk of revenue loss due to errors or fraud. Our focus on audit and process excellence ensures that revenue is maximized and operations run efficiently, providing added value to our clients.

Pricing & Inventory Management

Legacy Parking excels in pricing and inventory management, utilizing market analysis and data analytics to optimize revenue. By analyzing trends and occupancy patterns, we adjust pricing to match demand, maximizing revenue during peak times and offering incentives during off-peak hours.

Our strategies ensure efficient use of parking spaces while increasing revenue.

Marketing Services

At Legacy Parking, we offer a range of dynamic marketing solutions to drive results. Our experienced team provides full-spectrum marketing capabilities, leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices for effective, hassle-free campaigns.

Parking Technology Assessments

At Legacy Parking, our Consulting team leverages the latest state-of-the-art technologies to deliver valuable recommendations and support for your operations. With expertise in technology, we help design, analyze, and implement effective technology plans for your site.

Whether gated or gateless, our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless integration of technology to enhance your parking operations.

Consulting Services

Legacy Parking provides comprehensive solutions for existing and prospective clients, covering all aspects of parking management from planning to operations. With a team of experienced professionals, Legacy offers expert advice on feasibility, market analysis, demand projections, and revenue optimization.

Whether optimizing existing facilities or planning new developments, Legacy's consulting is an essential tool for success.

EV Charging

Legacy Parking demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability by incorporating EV Charging throughout its portfolio.

Recognizing the growth of electric vehicles, Legacy Parking provides convenient and reliable charging options. This strategy not only enhances tenant amenities but also generates additional revenue.

Elevate Your Parking Experience

Legacy Parking was created to bring a premium offering, and a new experience, to the parking industry. We saw that parking management could be so much more than just changing the signs and turning the lights on. No matter the project, we aspire to bring new technologies, efficiency, and service that goes above the expected.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to serve these industries and understand the specific needs and requirements of each. By understanding the unique characteristics of each industry, we are able to provide custom-fit solutions that increase revenue and improve overall parking experience.

Commercial Office Buildings

At Legacy Parking, we understand the unique parking challenges faced by commercial office buildings.

Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance the parking experience for tenants and visitors alike, optimizing space utilization and ensuring efficient operations. With our expertise in parking management and technology, we help office buildings create a seamless parking environment that reflects their commitment to excellence.

Residential Buildings

For residential buildings, parking is not just about convenience—it's about creating a welcoming and secure environment for residents.

Legacy Parking provides personalized parking solutions that prioritize safety, convenience, and resident satisfaction. From access control to efficient space utilization, we ensure that parking at your residential building is always a positive experience.

Mixed-Use Developments

In a mixed-use environment, parking needs can vary widely. Legacy Parking specializes in designing and implementing parking solutions that cater to the unique requirements of mixed-use developments.

Whether it's integrating parking with retail spaces or managing parking for residential and commercial tenants, we have the expertise to create a cohesive and efficient parking experience for all users.

Health Care Facilities

Parking at healthcare facilities plays a crucial role in patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Legacy Parking understands the importance of providing a seamless parking experience for patients, visitors, and staff.

Our solutions are designed to optimize parking availability, improve traffic flow, and enhance overall safety and security, ensuring that patients can focus on their health without worrying about parking.


In the hospitality industry, parking is often the first and last impression that guests have of your establishment. Legacy Parking specializes in providing parking solutions that enhance the guest experience from the moment they arrive. Whether it's valet services, parking guidance systems, or efficient traffic management, we help hospitality venues create a positive and memorable parking experience for their guests.

Valet Services

Elevate your guest experience with Legacy Parking's valet services. Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, or hosting a special event, our valet attendants provide exceptional service that reflects positively on your establishment. With our focus on professionalism and efficiency, we ensure a seamless valet parking experience for your guests.

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